MarSurf M310 set MAHR

Saninr: EDE7748700021
EAN kodas : 4059192064549
Prece pieejama:
7 - 14 days
Mobile roughness gauge set MarSurf M 310 Application: Small size and light weight with removable drive unit, simple and intuitive operation. Large, illuminated 4.3“TFT touch display, rotatable display, transmission of measurement protocols and data either via Bluetooth or cable, IATF 16949 compliant - secure traceability with MarConnect, preparation of finished PDF protocols directly in the measuring device, customer-specific comments for the PDF protocol are entered directly on the MarSurf M 310, over 1200 measurements without recharging, integrated, removable roughness standard, automatic cut-off selection: ensures correct measurement results even for the non-measuring technician. Special advantages: Wireless data transfer of the measurement results into e.g. Excel® and other Windows® applications via software interface MarCom Prof. By connecting a laser scanner, pre-configured measurements can be started via barcode and QR code, and workpiece information can be read in. Application: For shafts, enclosure parts, large machines, large workpieces, milling and turning parts, ground and honed workpieces, and in production and manufacturing areas at the machine for the quick determination of the roughness depth of the workpiece in or on the machine. Scope of delivery: With drive unit (removable), 1 standard probe PHT6-350 standard-compliant, integrated battery, roughness standard, integrated in enclosure (removable), Mahr calibration certificate, probe protection/V-block holder, charger, height adjustment (integrated), carry bag with shoulder straps, USB cable, hand V-block with height adjustment (pair), extension cable to drive unit (length 1.2 m) and operating manual. Technical data: Parameters: A1, A2, Ar, CF, CL, CR, Mr1, Mr2, R, R3z, RPc, RS, RSk, RSm, Ra, Rk, Rmax, Rmr (tp (JIS, ASME) in acc. Rmr), Rp, RpA (ASME), Rpk, Rpm, Rpm (ASME), Rq, Rt, Rvk, Rx, Rz, Rz (JIS), Rz (Ry (JIS) in acc. Rz), Vo Horizontal scale: dep. on cut-off Protocol content: R-profile, MRK, P-profile (MOTIF), depiction of results Calibration function: dynamic; Ra, Rz, Rsm Data interface: USB A, USB B, MarConnect (bi-directional), microSD Slot for SD / SDHC cards up to 32 GB Protection class: IP40 Temperature range for operation/work: +5 °C to +40 °C Temperature range for storage: –15 °C to +55 °C Battery: Li-Ion battery, 3.7 V, nominal capacity 11.6 Wh, min. 1200 measurements Dimensions (L x W x H) of drive unit: 160 x 77 x 50 mm Dimensions (L x W x H) of the evaluation device: 190 x 140 x 75 mm Weight: 4.7 kg Measurement principle: Profile method Probe: Inductive skid probe Probe tip: 2 µm Measurement range: 350 µm Profile resolution: 8 nm Filters according to ISO/JIS: Gaussian filter in acc. with ISO 16610-21 (previously ISO 11562), special filter in acc. with DIN EN ISO 13565-1, ls-filter in acc. with DIN EN ISO 3274 (removable) Cut-off Ic according to ISO/JIS: 0.25 mm, 0.8 mm, 2.5 mm, automatic filter detection, variable Number n of individual measurement paths in acc. with ISO/JIS: selectable: 1–16 Shortened cut-off in accordance with ISO/JIS: to choose Keying length Lt according to ISO/JIS: 1,5; 4,8; 15, N x Lc, variable, automatic Keying length ISO 12085 (MOTIF): 1; 2; 4; 8; 12; 16 mm Total length in acc with ISO/JIS: 1.25 mm, 4 mm, 12.5 mm Keying speed: 0.5 mm/s Measuring force: 0.75 mN
DesignM 310 set

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